Core Facts of Christianity with Dr. Braxton Hunter

2 years ago

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Core Facts by Braxton Hunter:

Dr. Chip Bennett once again sits down with renowned Christian Apologist, President of Trinity Bible College & Seminary, and Trinity Radio Host Dr. Braxton Hunter, @Trinity Radio on Apologetics and biblical facts.

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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Welcome (Today's Guest - Dr. Braxton Hunter)
1:12 - Core Facts of The Christian Faith
2:30 - Are We Terrified of Evangelism?
3:40 - Be An Answer Finder
4:20 - Kalam Cosmological, Moral, & Design Argument
6:35 - Core Facts About Jesus & The Resurrection
8:15 - The Problem of Evil/Suffering
11:25 - Fact Checkering in the Pew
14:35 - Character and Integrity
16:20 - How Do I Ensure I Can Keep My Integrity Intact?
20:00 - Ending

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