Why Are Christians Leaving The Church? - Apologetics Roundtable - Dr. Chip Bennett & Trinity Radio

Dr. Chip Bennett talks with Trinity Radio Apologists Dr. Braxton Hunter, and Dr. Johnathan Pritchett on all the things that contemporary pastors, leaders, and Christians might have to deal with inside their lives and ministries including why so many Christians are walking away from their faith and the local church.

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0:00 Bumper
0:24 Intro - Dr. Braxton Hunter & Dr. Johnathan Pritchett (Trinity Radio)
1:24 Why Are College Kids Leaving The Church?
3:00 Big Bang Cosmology, Evolution, Creation
6:45 Dogmatic Views and the Essentials of Christianity
8:30 Protecting Certain Aspects of The Faith
10:05 Creation: Young Earth vs Old Earth
17:17 Creating Stumbling Blocks: How to Be Charitable With People That Disagree
27:05 Should We Allow Questioning?
34:50 What is The Role of Politics in Church?
38:17 Political vs Moral Issues
41:57 Post-Christian/Post-Political Culture
48:45 How To Lead: Reaching Both Sides of The Political Aisle
58:50 Standing For Truth
1:03:35 Social Justice Issues
1:22:00 "Deconstructing Your Faith"
1:22:25 - Good Mythical Morning: Deconstruction Story
1:24:25 - Discipleship Alongside Deconstruction
1:35:26 - The Bible: How To Defend The Word Of God
1:57:00 - Why You Can Trust The Bible
2:12:02 - Ending

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