Taking on Matt Dillahunty & Tools for Apologetics

Reaching The Next Generation
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Dr. Chip Bennett talks with Renowned Christian Apologist, President of Trinity Bible College & Seminary, and Trinity Radio Host Dr. Braxton Hunter on what it is like to debate Atheist Matt Dillahunty at Baylor University. Braxton also shares tools for pastors, ministry leaders, and Christians to help better equip themselves for conversations with skeptics, the hard questions and building support groups for skeptics in your church.

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0:00 bumper
0:24 welcome - Dr. Braxton Hunter
1:10 Matt Dillahunty vs Braxton Hunter Debate
4:45 Reaching the next generation - purpose
6:10 Answering difficult questions for pastors
11:00 Research on confidence and knowledge in the church
12:00 Apologetics - Helping people in your church
15:05 Other Ideas on Dealing with Worldview Doubt
17:28 Resources on Apologetics
21:14 Ending

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